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Result Of Corruption In The Iranian Government

The economy of Iran is big, and this generates huge revenue which is mainly provided by rich industries and oil deposits. Therefore, has made it possible for many people depending on the public sector.This Has resulted in most people being employed by the government as it is enormous. The salaries are less for the people working for the government, thus they rely on corruption to better their lives. Therefore, such greedy behaviors have made the Iranian Government be among the most corrupt globally.Some of the effects of corruption are as stated below.

Among the effects of corruption in Iran is the emergence of terrorism. Due to high rising corruption in Iran, there have been terror groups being formed. This has affected the economy both directly and indirectly. The economy experience low growth as tourists and investors keep away from Iran due to fear of insecurity. In addition, the cause of fear to the people is promoted by some people in the government as they fund the terrorists. There have been reported cases of suicide bombers, mass gun attacks and even bombings of buildings.

The corruption state of Iran has promoted poverty in Iran. For some individuals being greedy, they come up with new ways to be corrupt so that they can achieve more than the rest. People are therefore made miserable across the country due to such corruption activities. Public funds are vandalized, and no justice is done leaving others with nothing. Therefore, corruption in the Iranian government has promoted poverty to its citizens.

In addition, the land administration has been affected by the prevailing corruption in Iran. Due to corruption in the country, the Iranian land administration has been greatly affected. When purchasing or selling real estates, there is protection on the property rights and is usually not a problem. However, it becomes problematic to sell or buy huge properties as the process to follow is usually complicated . Due to this, most people prefer giving bribes to officials to make the process short and acquire licenses in illegal means. Also, these same corrupt methods and connections are what most companies and industries setting up new structure use to get financial support. To register a company takes less time than the expected through corruption.

Also, the other affected area is the Tax administration in Iran due to corruption. There is tax evasion among influential people and some organization in Iran through corrupt means. They bribe tax officials to evade high taxation which results in revenue loss. By using such methods, Businesses can operate without remitting taxes to the government. The taxation department has so far become unreliable in Iran due to rising cases of corruption.