Famous Medan Culinary

  1. Very Good Meatballs, It Is Quite Tasty
    Who’s meatball lover here? Ayoo, confess !!
    Very Good Meatballs You want to try the delicacy, bro. This one Medan culinary has been established since tens of years ago, I don’t know exactly what year this meatball started selling, which was obvious the very first time a group where Asik tried eating meatballs here around 1995, throughout this time Bakso Amat was already remarkably popular.
    Bakso Amat is on Jl. Juanda No. 112 Medan, about 20 meters from the Jl. Juanda or about 100 meters from Stella Maris Hospital Mother & Child. This Amat meatball socket is open daily starting at 1:00 p.m. until 10 p.m.
    The cost of a serving of tasty meatballs in Amat meatballs is priced at Rp. 20,000, if there’s no cost change. It is rather pricey, but it is not cramped by the taste they serve.

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    2. Pokat Shake Ms. Lia Simpang Glugur
    This Pokat shake the Medan Glugur intersection, it turns out it’s been established since 1968.
    At the past, the Glugur vibration machine revenue system was very traditional, you’ve to be patient waiting in line for hours without clarity when to get the purchase you’ve. However, now the service has started to increase, company owners have already applied queue numbers, but you’ve to wait for a very long time, bro.
    3. Aceh Titi Bobrok Noodle
    If we predict a dilapidated titi, the Medan people should have envisioned the mythical eating place, the Titi Bobrok Aceh Noodle. Can it be right? Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok was established in 1994, aka it’s been 22 decades, bro, too exhausted additionally, it stood that long. Hihi.
    The uniqueness of Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok lies in its noodles. Different from noodles which are ordinarily offered by other Aceh noodle traders.

  2. Burger House, Delicious Present From This Small Gang
    The Tempat Asik group has tried processed bread full of meat at the Burger House, besides tasty places to eat here are also quite comfy. You won’t think that if you’re in a distant place in a tiny neighbourhood there’s a famous burger booth from the past.
    This Medan culinary started pioneering since 2007 and has been covered by various national websites, including one of the reality television on Trans 7 which also covers the tasty Burger House Burger. The Burger House’s operating hours start at 11.00 WIB till 24.00Wib. Each day this one dining place is crowded with visitors.
    The cheapest cost of a burger is the very first time the Place Asik Team tries to sell it for Rp. 16,000, today the cost has risen to Rp. 20,000 / portion. But nevertheless, you won’t regret it. As it feels like a lot.
    For complete info, read this: Delicious Bread Layer Contents of Meat in the design of a Medan Burger House